Universal SCPC-200
SCPC Audio Satellite Receiver
Direct Frequency Tuning And Readout
With the all-new Universal SCPC-200 Audio Receiver, you are able to enter an SCPC frequency listed in our enclosed guide and instantly be tuned to your SCPC selection. No need to tune and log each channel since the receiver is fully frequency and transponder agile. Your favorite channels can be stored for instant recall in the non-volatile, 50-section memory bank which also lists the name of the service on the display. The SCPC-200 is configured to receive quality audio from any channel using 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 companding. Companding expansion is automatic. Bandwidth (N or W) is selectable to ensure low noise and wide range audio. With the SCPC-200 you can tune all SCPC services from 50 to 90 MHz (commercial frequencies) and each channel on each transponder on the satellites. High signal stability is achieved by phase lock loop frequency synthesizers in conjunction with our new digital automatic frequency control (AFC) section. The automatic and trouble-free AFC will track in excess of +/- 200 KHz. Signal drifting is a thing of the past. (A quality LNB is recommended.) Tuning all of the SCPC channels with the SCPC-200 is both quick and accurate allowing you to enjoy many free SCPC programming services that are available on the satellites. No satellite system is complete without the SCPC-200!
Full Commercial Features For Home Use
- Tune by Frequency for Service Selection 
- Tune by Transponder (Channel) Number 
- 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 Companding Built In 
- Receives Narrow and Wide Band Signals 
- 50-Channel Memory Bank (Non-volatile) 
- Channel Frequency on 16-Character Display 
- Center Tuned Automatic Tuning Indicators 
- C and Ku Bands with 950-1450 MHz System 
- Service Name on Display - LCD 
- Digital AFC - Locks Signal - Tracks LNB Drift +/- 200 KHz 
- 6-Button Key Pad for Fast and Easy Tuning 
- Digital Frequency Lock-On (DFL) 
- Stable Phase Lock Loop System 
- Line Output for Hi-Fi System and 8 Ohm Speaker 
- Baseband Output Available 
- Frequency Lock-On of Signal and Capture Feature 
SCPC-200 Information
Easy 3-Minute Hookup
    The Universal SCPC-200 receiver is very simple to install and hook up. The coax cable from the dish is connected to the rear of SCPC-200 unit marked "FROM DISH." The furnished jumper cable is connected to the rear of SCPC-200 unit marked "TO SATELLITE RECEIVER." The other end of this cable is then connected to your satellite receiver input marked "FROM DISH" or "FROM LNB."
    The operation of the SCPC-200 will not affect your satellite receiver or its video. You can use your satellite receiver while using the SCPC-200.
More About Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) 
    Years ago, most radio networks, music networks, and others distributed their programming by telephone lines or microwave systems.
    The SCPC technology allows these networks to use satellite transmission to their affiliates and users at a reduced operating cost. Many use SCPC satellite transmission.
    Have you noticed how many of the satellites seem to have blank transponders - no video? Well, many of these are not used for video but are full of many hundreds of quality channels that you can receive on the new SCPC-200 receiver.
Who is Universal Electronics? 
    Universal Electronics is a solid, medium-sized business established in 1974, active in many phases of the satellite field since the first satellites appeared in the Clark Belt.
    Universal manufactures high-quality SCPC Audio Receivers for broadcast radio stations, commercial uses, the military and home satellite systems. Universal has been building high-quality SCPC receivers for many years, with production units numbering many thousands. All units carry a full, one-year warranty.
    Universal is not a newcomer to this specialized field, has proven products, and is the leader in the field of modern microprocessor SCPC receivers! Universal will be here for many years to come.
What you can receive on the SCPC-200
(Now hear all of the great programming you have been missing - no charges!)
- Farm News 
- State News Networks 
- Talk Shows 
- Leading Talk Show Hosts 
- 24-hour, All News Networks 
- ABC 
- CBS 
- NBC 
- USA News Network 
- Leading Flagship Stations 
- BBC 
- NPR 
- CNN Radio 
- PRN 
- All Canadian Stations in 
  French and English 
- Radio Reading Services 
- American Public Radio 
- Soldiers Radio Network 
- Satellite Radio 
- Motor Racind Network 
- Satellite Music 1-2-3-4 
- WFMT Classic 
- Business Radio 
- Spanish Radio 
- Voice of China 
- All Sports 
- All Area Radio Stations 
- College and Professional Teams 
- Baseball 
- Football 
- Basketball 
- Hockey 
- Ethnic Programs 
- 400 Channels - Complete, Up-to-Date Guide 
  Furnished with each SCPC-200 Receiver. 
Specifications for SCPC-200
Frequency Tune 
Transponder Tune 
Calibration (Digital) 
Frequency Response 
Line Output (Hi-Fi) 
Speaker Output 
Stability Factor 
Memory Bank 
Tuning Steps 
Band Compatibility 
Input Frequency 
Tune Indicators 
Display Unit 
Service Name 
50-90MHz Direct Entry 
All Transponders - Selectable 
Built in, Automatic, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 
LNB Frequency Offset 
Selectable, Wide/Narrow 
0.25 to 15kHz 
0 db to 600 ohm 
8 ohm, 5 watts 
Digital AFC, +/- 150kHz 
50 Channels - Non-Volatile 
C-Band and Ku-Band 
950-1450 MHz (LNB) 
Sensitive Tune Lights 
Full Readout - 16 Characters 
Service Name on Display 
12" (W) x 1.75" (H), 8" (D), 8 lbs. 
110 VAC, 60 cy or 12 VDC 
Manufactured in the U.S.A. by the leading SCPC Receiver manufacturer.
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