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Automatic Copyguard Remover

Newest Method to
Remove ALL Copyguard
Model #VK-X07A - Fully Automatic
Digital Copyguard Eliminator

"Guaranteed to work with all DVD Recorders + HDTV."
The New Video King model VK-X07A is the most Complete and Effective Copyguard Eliminator sold today. The VK-X07A uses The Newest Technology to Remove 100% of All Copyguard from All Forms of Video. This Fully Automatic Copyguard Descrambler is Easy to Use and Extremely Effective. You can use the Video King VK-X07A on DVD, VHS, TV Tuners, HDTV , Computers, DVRs, and All forms of Video that contain unwanted Copyguard. Since this "New Method" of removal (Total Elimination) is so complete the DVD you make will be a master copy that is 100% clean of all copyguard. The New Video King model VK-X07A is Extremely High Quality and "Made in the USA" This unit comes with a Two (2) year factory repair or replacement warranty and a 7 day Money Back Guarantee... Note: We have never had one returned. This unit is Amazing.

Warning: Use of this product for unauthorized duplication of copyrighted material from DVD, VHS or other media is prohibited under federal copyright laws unless the copy qualifies as a fair use under the Copyright Laws

Guaranteed to work with all DVD recorders, TV Tuners, Computers, Portable Video Players, Camcorders, VCRs and all Forms of Video. (This Unit also works with HDTV)

How it works? It's Easy! Just connect the VK-X07A between your source (TV Tuner, VCR, DVD player) and recorder (DVD recorder, hard drive, VCR, Computer, mini-DV recorder, 8mm Recorder, etc...). It works like magic you can now record any Videos that you own. Guaranteed Perfect Recordings every time. Congratulations!

Our new model VK-X07A uses a new method of Copyguard Removal for the highest quality Video with 100% Copyguard Removal. No other Copyguard Eliminator uses this New Technology to completely Remove 100% of copyguard. Our VK-X07A is guaranteed to Eliminate All Copyguard from the newest forms of Digital Video Scrambling. We have tested this product with Apex, Panasonic, JWIN, Akai, Daewoo, Daytek, Toshiba, Cyberhome, Sony, Philips, and Pioneer DVD recorders and it has worked perfectly. We have tested the VK-X07A with the newest DVD Videos and TV Tuners of All Kinds, and it works perfectly. All you do is connect the output of your Tuner or player into the "New" VK-X07A and output of the VK-X07A into your recording device. Please remember that even though this product will disable all copy-protection formats and allow you to copy any DVD video or VHS tape, and All Digital TV (Standard and HDTV) we do not promote it for any commercial use. This product is solely intended for test purposes and for making Legal "fair use" backup recordings.

  • This "NEW" Video King VK-X07A will remove "ALL COPYGUARD" Guaranteed.
  • Works with NTSC video format.
  • Suitable for all items including DVD Recorders, VCRs, DVD Players, Digital Camcorders, TV Tuners and More..
  • Removes all Copyguard from any Video Source.
  • Copy any DVD, VHS or Digital Media that you own.
  • Basically copy anything to anything.
    • Copy any DVD to DVD
    • Copy DVD to mini-DV
    • Copy any DVD to VHS
    • Copy DVD to 8mm!
    • Copy any VHS to VHS
    • Copy DVD to Computer
    • Copy DVD to Portable Digital Video Player
    • Copy any VHS to DVD
    • Copy All Digital TV
    • Copy HDTV
  • This is a Digital Video Processor, Player and recorder is not included with this item.
  • Descrambles and Restores All Video for crisp, bright recordings - digital technology - Fully Automatic
  • Copy all your VHS tapes or DVDs now with the best color without fading, color drops or signal blocks.
  • Input signal level indicators. With front mounted LED (will change from Green to Orange)
  • Color enhancement mode- Front mounted control to Improve Quality of Old Washed Out Videos
  • Includes: Video King VK-X07A Processor, AC power adapter, and Easy to use instructions.
  • Two Year Factory Warranty replacement. Plus 7 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Connections and Controls:
    • Video Input and Output
    • Front mounted LED Video Process indicator
    • Front mounted Color Control for Perfect Color and Video Enhancement.
    • Dimension: 3.5"(W) x 4.5"(L) x 1.5"(H) Compact and Extremely Powerful
  • Made in the USA
  • Warranty and Support: 7 days Refund plus 2 year Factory limited repair or replacement warranty
It may be unlawful to operate this device if it is done so with the intent to defraud any person or business by unauthorized duplication of copyright works or to otherwise violate federal laws. We will not knowingly sell this product to anyone who intends to use it for any illegal or unauthorized use. The manufacturer and the distributor does not condone any individuals, companies or groups who engage in the misuse of this product in any way.

Buyer shall be solely responsible and hereby assumes any and all liability for the installation, operation and use of this product including without limitation, the obtaining of all permits, licenses or certificates required for the installation or use of such equipment. Buyer assumes total responsibility for product application.

"Guaranteed to work with all DVD Recorders + HDTV."

MODEL #VK-X07A... $229.95*
plus $14.95 Shipping & Handling in the USA
*Indiana residents add 7% Sales Tax. Shipping costs outside the 48 United States will be determined at time of order.

We appreciate your interest in our product.
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