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Off Grid Satellite Antenna System
* Watch FREE Digital Satellite TV *

  • 3 Ft. High-Performance KU-Band
  • Parabolic Dish (with Universal Mount)
  • DS model 5700 Digital Satellite Receiver
  • Digital Low Noise LNBF
  • H.H.- 6000 Dish Motor
  • Electronic Satellite Finder
  • 50-Ft. Coax Cable
  • Satellite Chart
  • Easy Instruction Manual
  • Complete List of "Free" Digital Channels
The Model FTA -100-M (Deluxe) Digital KU Band Satellite Television Antenna System receives "Free Digital Satellite TV Channels" from many KU band Satellites, making it possible to view digital satellite television from most locations in the U.S. and Canada. The model FTA-100-M (Deluxe) Off Grid Digital Satellite TV System can receive "Free Digital Local USA TV Channels, plus " TV from Around The World ". The FTA-100-M (Deluxe) Digital System is a Great Way, to bring back the "Good Ole' Days" of "Free TV." (No Monthly Bill).

The DS model 5700 Digital Satellite receiver is designed for a Crystal Clear Digital picture where small dishes are used, or in fringe signal areas.The DS model 5700 Digital Satellite receiver also includes the digital Blind Search Feature for trouble free satellite scanning. The 3 -ft. High Gain Parabolic Dish Reflector has a perfectly matched feed horn bracket which allows any installer easy set up of the focal point alignment.

The Digital KU-Band Low Noise LNBF Provides High Performance TV Reception, With a Crystal Clear Digital Picture on Any TV. with Hundreds of "Free Channels."

The 3-ft Dish includes a convenient Universal mount, With H.H.-6000 Motor Drive, which makes setup Quick and Easy. This system is perfect for customers who are tired of paying the high cost of Cable and Pay Satellite TV .(No Monthly Bill). RV owners will also like the Low Cost and Excellent Performance found with the FTA-100-M (Deluxe) System. Its compact size and lightweight design can go virtually anywhere! The "NEW" H.H.-6000 Motor Drive, once installed is Fully Automatic. With the push of a button on your remote control, The Dish will Automatically move to your favorite satellite. "Free TV Has Never Been Better", With this Powerful New FTA-100-M (Deluxe) Digital System The Sky's the Limit.

The DS model 5700 Digital Satellite Receiver does not use any kind of programmable access card to receive programming. NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEE REQUIRED, NO CONTRACT to SIGN. and NO TELEPHONE LINE to CONNECT. All F.T.A. Programs are FREE. It is possible to receive Hundreds of Free Digital TV and Radio programs from many different Satellites.

The DS model 5700 Digital Receiver has a sensitive tuner that receives Hundreds of FTA Free Digital channels ,standard (Free-to-Air) programming. from many different satellites. This will open up a whole new world of Free / Legal TV Channels. (Movies, Sports, News, and Family Entertainment.)

Some of the FREE Digital Satellite Programming that can be received is from the USA, CANADA, MIDDLE EAST, ASIA, and EUROPE. If you are not sure what is on a particular satellite or what is available on the satellite where your Dish is pointing ,The DS model 5700 Receiver will find it for you. AUTOMATICALLY! The DS model 5700 has a "New" and Special Feature, It is the NEW " High Speed Blind Search" . At the push of a button, the DS model 5700 will automatically Scan and program "Free-to-Air". Digital TV channels and Radio programs found on the Satellite where your Dish is Aiming. This Feature is quite unique because it will also find technical inf. like the FREQ., Packet information data, Symbol Rate, F.E.C. (This "New High Speed process will take only a few minutes".) This information is important when working with Digital Satellite TV.

The video format is NTSC.Mpeg 2 Digital, The Voltage is 110v . This Receiver has a multi language menu. "The Special Bonus Feature" includes a built-in , on screen , signal level meter. This powerful "NEW" DS model 5700 Digital Satellite Receiver, is Fun for the whole Family" We are sure that you will be extremely happy with the Quality and performance of this Great "NEW" DS model 5700 Digital "Free-to- Air" Satellite Receiver that is included with the FTA-100-M (Deluxe) Digital Satellite Antenna System. Thank you, For your interest in our Product.

This FTA-100-M (Deluxe) Digital Satellite Antenna System includes the following items DS model 5700 Standard, ("Free-to-Air") Digital Satellite Receiver , Remote Control, and Low loss Video Cable set, High Performance 3 ft KU-Band Dish with Universal Mount, H.H.-600 Dish Motor Drive, Electronic Satellite Finder, Digital Low-Loss KU-Band LNBF, Satellite Chart,. Factory Owners Manual, 50 foot Coax Cable Set. "Free" FTA Channel List.
It may be unlawful to operate this device if it is done so with the intent to defraud any person or business by receiving pay TV signals or to otherwise violate Federal laws. We will not knowingly sell this product to anyone who intends to use it for any illegal or unauthorized use. The manufacturer and the distributor does not condone any individuals, companies or groups who engage in the misuse of this product in any way.

This Model FTA-100-M (Deluxe) "Off Grid" Digital Satellite System is legal and has many legitimate uses. With this fun hobby of F.T.A. Digital Satellite TV there are hundreds of free channels available. Please become familiar with "Free to Air" MPEG-2 digital Satellite TV programming and what is truly available.. For a free list of true "Free to Air" Digital Satellite Channels, please call us. We will be happy to send you one with our Free Information Package.

Buyer shall be solely responsible and hereby assumes any and all liability for the installation, operation and use of this product, including without limitation, the obtaining of all permits, licenses or certificates required for the installation or use of such equipment.

Buyer assumes total responsibility for product application!

MODEL #FTA-100-M... $299.95*
plus $59.00 Shipping & Handling in the USA
*Indiana residents add 7% Sales Tax. Shipping costs outside the 48 United States will be determined at time of order.

We appreciate your interest in our product.
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C/KU Satellite Dish System  |  Off Grid Satellite System  |  10 Meter Hand Held Transceiver  |  Complete Digital Satellite TV Dish System  |  OmegaForce 10 Meter Radio